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What is Shoflow?

Shoflow is a simple tool that reminds you when your favorite shows are premiering or returning from break. Shoflow sends you a quick email notification on the day that your shows are airing, letting you know when and where you can watch them. Beyond keeping track of your shows, Shoflow also helps you discover and share new shows to add to your favorites so you’re always in the know about the latest shows.

Our story

The concept for Shoflow came about in the summer of 2011, when we began to see the usual seasonal ads for the upcoming fall lineup. When we got excited about a show, the only call to action was an ambiguous “coming soon,” and we were frustrated that there was no easy way to remember one of these shows other than relying on our own faulty and short-lived memory. Standard DVRs only let you record up to two weeks in advance, and popular TV sites like Hulu and Netflix will only let you add shows to your queue if they are already in their libraries. We started wondering, if only there were a way for us to get alerted when the air date would be announced, or better yet—a way to set a reminder for when the show would begin airing.

As television content distribution is becoming more fragmented both online and off, it’s becoming increasingly necessary to have a single place to keep track of it all, no matter where it lives or when it’s airing. And that’s why we built Shoflow.

At Shoflow, our fundamental belief is that it’s not about the networks. It’s about the shows. There are a lot of great places where you can watch your favorite shows, and at Shoflow, our mission is to make sure you never miss another show, no matter how you choose to watch it.
Meet the team

About_seanpic Sean Oliver
Co-founder & CEO

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Sean got his first TV when he was five years old, and he’s been thinking about ways to make it better ever since. He studied marketing and retailing at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and prior to Shoflow, he held various roles in product and audience marketing at Microsoft. He loves to learn new things and is currently busy mastering Chinese, guitar, and Ruby on Rails in his spare time. Thus far, only one of these skills have proven useful in helping him build Shoflow, but he hasn’t given up hope on figuring out a way to make use out of the other two.

About_tinapic Tina He
Co-founder & Chief Designer

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Tina is quite passionate about TV, movies, and visual art of all forms. She touts an impressive number of Shoflow plugs at a whopping 111. And yes, she does amazingly find time to watch them all because of a wonderful thing called Shoflow (and multi-tasking). Tina graduated from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and studied marketing, retailing, fine arts, and Chinese. Prior to Shoflow, Tina has held product management, marketing, and design roles at Microsoft, Visa International, and her own graphic design firm, Ilixir Designs. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling the world, partaking in gastronomic adventures, and of course designing.